During most weddings I look for one special moment. One that stirs my soul. One that brings a tear to my eye or at least someone else’s who’s there in that moment. Cheyenna’s wedding was different. There were so many little moments that made me stop for a second. I have fought myself over the thought of which one moment was the perfect one to share with you. There were just so many intimate details in her wedding, but this one, it’s the one that literally stopped me in my tracks, took my breath away and I saw my own life fast forward right before my eyes. 

Cheyenna cuddled up in the bed. Delicately adorning her silk white bridal robe with a long, intricate lace gown worn over it. Her long blonde hair neatly curled and pinned in a low, chic, bridal bun. Her makeup perfectly accentuating her natural beauty. She held a card in her hands. She read it quietly to herself. It was from her Mom. I don’t know what that card said but I don’t need to. When Cheyenna finished reading the card, she got out of the bed, walked into the bathroom where her Mom was getting her hair done and crawled into her lap like she did so many times as a little girl. Her mom held her with tears streaming down her face. I honestly can’t imagine what that moment feels like but it broke my heart in the most beautiful way. I never understood the depth of a mother’s love until I became one. In that moment I saw myself holding my daughter in my lap on her wedding day. Oh man, that one stung. My heart isn’t ready to let her go now and I know when the day comes MANY years down the road I still won’t be ready. That moment was one that I’ll never forget. I’m quite certain I can also speak for Cheyenna and her Momma as well in saying they will always treasure that time together on Cheyenna’s wedding day. 

Cheyenna and Brandon are two of those people that you think really only live in fairytales. Cheyenna is absolutely beautiful in every aspect of the word. She’s kind and gracious, she’s bold and fearless. She works hard for her dreams and let’s nothing get in her way. She’s overcome many heart-wrenching obstacles with such grace and class. Brandon is just as kind but he’s the steadiness that Cheyenna needs. He’s equally as hard working. When something needs to get done, he doesn’t stop until it’s accomplished.

To say I am proud to know these two is a major understatement. Serving them on their wedding day was such an honor. 

Brandon & Cheyenna, your light shines so bright. You inspire people. You are part of the good in the world. Thank you for being the incredible people that you are. I couldn’t be more happy for you. You two truly do compliment one another in the most wonderful way. Congratulations, you two! Love you bunches and bunches! 

Oh and PS for the readers, in case you didn’t notice there was an ICE CREAM CARAVAN at the wedding! How stinking cool is that (no pun intended there lol)

BIG Hugs, Brandy


Ice Cream Caravan: Eleanor’s Ice Cream

Florist: Sofia’s Flowers & Events

Rentals: Table Settings – Treasury Rentals & Tables & Chairs – Party Rentals Unlimited

Cake: Cakes by SaraJo

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