I am so grateful you've decided to visit my site! Come in and take a look around!  
Thanks so much for stopping by. My photography style is romantic, light and natural. I specialize in outdoor, natural-light photography. Capturing the excitement, joy and love the two of you share is something that brings my heart so much joy. Life's moments are fleeting and my heart longs to ensure that this part of your story is captured in the most genuine and elegant way. Your love story is unique and it's oh so beautiful. 

My heart's desire is to create and deliver photographs from your wedding day that aren't only beautiful also provoke genuine emotion and joy. I want those photographs to get printed, hung on your walls and put into albums. Why? because on the hard days I want you to have those reminders of the love you share. I also want to ensure that your children and your children's children, and your children's, children's children can open your wedding album and instantly feel the love and joy that the two of you shared on your wedding day. 

Cheers, I am over the moon excited for you!! 

Hugs ~ Brandy  

Brandy Brewner
Florida Wedding Photographer

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