This little girl is my every dream come true. Sweet moments like these make my Momma heart leap and I always try my best to step back and take it all in. All too quickly, she’s growing up and it’s so bittersweet. Not every day is rainbows and sunshine. Somedays are most definitely harder than others. It’s these moments that check me, slow me down and humble me. These are the moments I’m reminded of all the tears cried and all the prayers prayed for this sweet and (VERY) sassy little girl that I get to call my daughter. My heart couldn’t possibly love her anymore. She’s my sunshine.

  1. Brenda says:

    Priceless!! She is the cutest little girl and your talent is amazing!!! ❤️

  2. RyAnn says:

    Love this sweet girl ♡
    So glad you cherish these moments. Before you know it you’ll be staring at a 15 year old girl, yet still seeing this sweet baby face, trying to figure out how in the world time has flown by so fast. There are definitely more hard days, but in those moments of awe, those hard moments make it so worth it. A feeling of accomplishment in knowing you’ve done something right. Love you both so much 💗

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