The waves crashed against the shore. The December, Florida, sun was warm. You could smell the wonderful salty air. The bride walked down the aisle. Her sweet father and mother handed her over to Scott. Suddenly to Sydney and Scott’s surprise, one by one, family members stepped out into the aisle. Each took turns speaking positive and encouraging words to them. The tears flowed down Sydney’s cheeks, as each one of their loved ones poured their hearts into this sweet couple. Scott and Sydney listened and soaked in every single word that was spoken with such great humbleness and gratefulness. It was one of the most beautiful and heartfelt gestures I’ve had the honor of witnessing during a ceremony.

Sydney, Scott and about 20 of their closest friends and family traveled all the way from Canada to celebrate the union of Sydney and Scott. Their ceremony was elegant, simple, romantic but most of all it was very much full of love. I know that this marriage will last. Kindness overflowed from this family. Scott’s mother was very evidently a woman of great selflessness and service to others. Not many moments went by without her asking to help someone, offer a drink or food, or whatever else she could do to serve her loved ones. She even checked on Ana and I multiple times and offered us food and drink. Sydney’s parents were sweet, humble and loving. Scott is his father’s son for sure, the bond they share is so sweet! Sydney and Scott are easy going and laid back and kind. Sydney put a lot of thought into the details of her wedding but she never lost sight of what mattered most, marrying the love of her life.

During the ceremony Sydney and Scott chose to braid a three stranded cord to represent their love intertwined with the holy spirit, Jesus. The whole family sang, Mighty to Save, on the beach in worship to their savior. Scott’s father married them. Every single part of this wedding was filled with such a beautiful and genuine love. I am honored to not only have been asked to photograph these sweet memories, but to have just been present to witness such a sweet and meaningful wedding.

Sydney, Scott, and your beautiful friends and family, thank you for being true examples of Christ. Thank you for filling the world with a massive amount of kindness and selflessness. Thank you for setting an example of what love really looks like. Scott’s father said that the 3 stranded braided cord was a little challenging to braid just the same as marriage can be challenging and I’d like to add life itself sometimes, but when you intertwine your lives with the love of Christ all the struggles are worth it, the joy of the success overpowers the challenge. I wish you two so much joy and happiness that you can’t stand it!! It has been such an honor meeting and serving you! BIG HUGS!

Warmly, Brandy


  1. Sue and Todd Riley

    December 23rd, 2017 at 2:57 am

    Thank you so much Brandy and Ana. You guys did an amazing job and recorded this special day forever. We are really grateful. Thank you for getting up so early and doing a fabulous job! God bless you guys.

  2. Aline

    December 23rd, 2017 at 2:57 am

    May the Lord our Saviour bless your marriage and lives together forever.
    Aline,Earl,juliana and Giselle.

  3. Connie & Rachel Bell

    December 23rd, 2017 at 4:24 am

    Oh how it warms our hearts ♥️ to see such beautiful pictures from a truly spectacular day for the two of you. We wish you many years of happiness ????
    Love you both and can’t wait to celebrate next month.
    Connie & Rachel xoxo

  4. Harry&Eleanor Bell

    December 23rd, 2017 at 3:01 pm

    Such lovely wedding pictures,congratulations!!!!!! So glad the weather was great for your special day,
    We are looking forward to seeing you in January.
    Lots of love and God bless you both.
    Uncle Harry& Aunt Eleanor

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