I swear this so called “Sunshine” state AKA Florida has really been making outdoor photography quite the challenge lately. I haven’t seen the sun shining at a sunset session in MONTHS!! Yes you heard that right no sunshine in the Sunshine State in months!! But despite all of the gloomy weather and evening showers by some miracle I have not had to cancel a single session due to rain (it just stinks always having cloudy gray skies). I have truly been blessed with so many clients who trust my judgement and are willing to make the best of it and see what we can get accomplished despite the weather.

David and Chabeli are not exception to that trust and were also unfortunate victims of this not so lovely weather. It was a two hour drive from my home to Fort De Soto beach. The skies were dark and it rained THE.WHOLE.RIDE.THERE….UNTIL, we crossed our last bridge going into Fort De Soto!! To be honest I was so nervous that we were going to have to cancel this one, the radar showed rain surrounding the area and the rain chance was 50%. I searched for an alternative beach where the weather was better but the closest beach with a more promising weather condition was another hour away. When we crossed that bridge and I saw bright skies (still cloudy but at least not gray and dreary) I was sooo relieved. I knew we could make this possible!

Chabeli and David looked amazing! They brought along David’s son David (who, by the way, is the most adorable and well mannered little man alive) they all looked great and were full of smiles and optimism! Off we went to make the most of a cloudy evening on the beach. I enjoyed watching David and his son explore the historic forts of Fort De Soto! It was so fun to see their excitement of the huge cannons and historical forts.

David, Chabeli and little David are seriously some of the most easy going and sweet people ever! Chabeli is as kind as she is beautiful! She goes with the flow of things with such grace, confidence and ease! David is a teacher and without ever stepping foot into his classroom, it is so clear to see what an amazing teacher he is. He is such a patient, well mannered man and the way he is with little David is to be admired .David is firm but in such a kind and encouraging way! Little David…. ugh… that kid! So sweet, like sweet as pie, sweet! He had seaweed on his foot and so politely asked Ana, “Can you get that off of me please? I don’t like that on my foot.” Little man never complained and never interrupted when it wasn’t his turn in front of the camera!

Who needs sunshine when you’ve got Chabeli and David’s glowing smiles, fun giggles (especially David’s giggle, you’ve GOT to hear his “fake giggle” and the fact that Chabeli doesn’t have a serious bone in her little body!) and their sweet love for each other. They brought so much life and joy to that dreary beach! They even braved the crashing waves and trusted my vision enough to have their grand finale in the ocean! I can’t even imagine the amount of joy that will fill their wedding day! I am so honored to have brides and grooms so kind and so beautiful inside and out! Chabeli, David, I can’t wait until your special day and I am over the moon excited and honored to be chosen and trusted to capture your wedding memories!!

Hugs, Brandy!

Hair & Makeup: Morgan Mccullers

Location: Fort De Soto Beach

Assistant Second Shooter: Ana Vega

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