It was time for one of my most favorite parts of the wedding day. The father daughter dance. I’m a hard core daddy’s girl, this time usually brings a tear or two to my eyes. Not this time. The music started slowly and softly as usual. Daddy and daughter danced gracefully across the dance floor (for about 30 seconds). Next thing ya know the DJ is mixing up the music with an upbeat song. The father-daughter duo started dancing in sync with one another to songs like, It’s Not Unusual, Jump On It, Britney Spears and other fun songs. The whole crowd smiled and laughed. This moment of pure and simple fun brought such a sweet unity and joy to the night.

I was talking with Taylor’s mom towards the end of the reception. She apologized for them being such a “mess” (by this she meant an emotional mess). Taylor’s step mom cried as she copied Taylor’s vows to Henry into the vow book. Taylor’s mother cried during the ceremony, reception and I’m pretty sure today as well lol. Taylor’s father cried during his speech to the Bride & Groom and their guests. Henry’s brother shed a few tears (as did Taylor) as he shared memories of their childhood, during his toast. Taylor’s best friend, Riley also may have had something in her eye during her toast 😉 And my favorite crier of all the crier’s at this wedding was Taylor’s little sisters, the sweet little girls cried all the way back down the aisle after their big sis said “I do”. Why am I telling you about all the tears shed? Because each one of those tears showed in such a enormous and tender way just how special these two people are. The tears showed how much they are loved as well as how much they love others.

As for the Bride and Groom themselves… Henry fluffed Taylor’s train, kissed her forehead, and smiled ear to ear anytime he was near her. Henry’s tender heart for Taylor is something truly special. Taylor requested that I let her know if she started to “fake smile” during her photos as she (like many others after smiling for the camera for hours on end) would start to get a frozen smile. I never had to say a word. Taylor’s beautiful and authentic smile and laughter filled my day. As I culled through her photos, so far, I haven’t found any frozen smiles on her face. Taylor & Hank are truly authentic and genuinely happy people.

Yesterday was my first time meeting these two in person, which always makes me a little nervous. I am a people pleaser and, like anyone, I want to be accepted and liked, especially when serving them on their most special day. When I arrived at the venue and greeted Taylor and her mom, Casey, I was welcomed with open arms and friendly smiles. Shortly following I met Henry and he greeted me with a smile and a kind hug (which made this hugging girl feel pretty happy and in her safe zone!)

Multiple times, by multiple people, there was mention of how authentic and transparent Henry is. I think it’s safe to say that pretty well goes for the both of them. It’s quite evident, they love deeply, show kindness and make the world a much more beautiful place to be. Not only are the two of them shining their lights they are expecting TWINS!!! I’m totally okay with having two more people like Henry and Taylor grace this world! Taylor and Henry, thank you for choosing and trusting me to serve you. Your wedding was absolutely beautiful your love even more so. I wish you and your sweet little’s a lifetime of joy, smiles, laughs and tears. Cheers to you! May you always have love and blessing in your lives.

Hugs, Brandy



Venue/Planner/Florist/DJ: The White Barn *** I have to mention that this venue is not only beautiful, it is a full service venue. Their hospitality and kindness is above par! I highly recommend considering them when searching for the perfect Barn Wedding***

Hair: Ashley Ford

Makeup: Kimberly Smith

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal


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