Ana and I got our plate of food as usual. I sat on the ground next to my wagon of equipment. Happy to be able sit for a moment and quickly eat after hours of being on my feet working the wedding. There was a little fire pit (not yet lit) with some benches on hay bails. Ana suggested we at least sit there while everyone ate at the tables under the barn. That was a little better than the ground and didn’t seem intrusive, so I agreed. As I’m eating I am always keeping my eye on the bride and groom. As soon as they are up and mingling, it’s back to work for me. I looked over and saw them eating peacefully, but noticed that they seemed to be looking our way. I continued eating as they hadn’t gotten up yet. Next thing I know, the groom is walking towards me, sternly. “Get up”, he firmly told us… and again, “Get up”, as he points to the tables where all of his guest are sitting. “You’re not sitting over here like a worker, go sit at a table.” I tried to kindly argue that we were just fine where we were and happy to have any place to sit at all and a plate of food, but I didn’t win. He told us the table with the officiant and his wife had plenty of seats left, to sit there (this was the closest table to the bride and groom). We went and sat at a table to finish our plate. As I sat down at the table I had tears in my eyes. It seems silly, but thisĀ  simple act of kindness stood out to me in such a beautiful way. I know this wasn’t just the doings of Kenny but also his beautiful bride Stacy. This small act of kindness will forever stay in my heart. This small act of kindness shows just how wonderful and full of compassion and love for others this amazing couple holds.

Something else you just have to know about Stacy and Kenny’s wedding is that their venue was built just for her wedding! I took a moment to chat with Stacy’s father. I was intrigued by the craftsmanship they held in building this beautiful open barn. To my surprise, I found out that Stacy actually designed the entire barn herself. Then her Daddy brought her vision to life. It only took two days to put the base of it up then a little longer to finish the electrical part of it. This venue was so well thought out and executed. It is a dream for a natural light photographer. The space is wide open and full of light. The lighting draped from the ceiling was also done by Stacy! This girl has some serious talents! I talked to Stacy after the wedding and she said her wedding was all she had ever dreamed of and that makes my heart smile big. Knowing how much heart, soul, and sweat was put into bringing her beautiful vision to life, gives a whole new level of appreciation.

Stacy & Kenny, I wish you every ounce of happiness your heart can handle. I thank you for your kindness to us. I not only had the honor of capturing images of two people, beautiful on the outside, but equally as wonderful inside. You two are a great example of what kindness and love looks like. As I edited your photos, love glows out of you both for each other. I adore you both, you are perfect for each other. Enjoy the rest of your lives together.

Hugs, Brandy XOXO


  1. Gail Tarreteta

    November 21st, 2017 at 6:39 am

    Beautiful pictures.
    Much happiness to you both.

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