High School Sweethearts I don’t cry at weddings very often, but Stephanie and Carlos were giving me all the feels. Steph and CJ waited 9 years for their wedding day. From the day they met when CJ was the cool drummer and Steph was the beautiful trombonist, it was love at first sight. How could […]


March 23, 2019

Blush & Greenery – Lake Mary Event Center Wedding / Lake Mary, FL

A Fairytale Romance You know those movie montages where a couple looks back on their entire relationship up to this point? I have those but in fast forward. I look through my lens pointed at the groom waiting for his bride just as she is about to step off to meet her man at the […]


March 11, 2019

Shannon & David’s Town Manor on The Lake Wedding

Daniel & Daniela Town Manor on the Lake It’s the most anticipated moment of a wedding day. Friends and family stood, turned, facing the back of the ceremony site. The groom at the front, officiant on his right side, groomsmen on the left. But this day was a little different. Daniela stood at the end […]


August 20, 2018

Daniel & Daniela’s Town Manor on the Lake Wedding

The Journey Love is a journey. Love takes time. Love takes work. Some days are picture perfect. Some days are messy. One thing is for sure. True love, the deep down kind that lasts forever, that kind of love must be relentless. Austin and Cammie have proven that their love for one another is relentless. […]


April 30, 2018

Austin & Cammie’s Wedding