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October 2, 2019


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Anthony & Daniela |09/14/2019

“September 7th 1992”

Daniela hid behind the beautiful linen curtains waiting with much anticipation. Her father walked into the room full of every emotion. I’m sure his heart raced and his palms were sweaty, as he waited for his daughter to come through those curtains. Daniela looked like a real life princess, her ballgown glittered like none I have ever seen. Her hair was tussled up ever so perfectly with a delicate crown placed on top of her head. She was the bride that every little girl dreams of being. She walked through the curtains towards her father as he stood facing the opposite direction. She gently tapped on his shoulder. He turned around and tears filled both of their eyes. Their embrace was so special and pure. Daniela’s father would pull away enough to look at her then hold onto her again. Then he said something so profound. Most of the time he spoke to Daniela in Portuguese (his native language) but in this moment he spoke so clearly in English. He softly spoke the words, September 7th, 1992. In that moment I knew exactly what he was referring to. In that moment his mind flashed back into time to September 7th 1992. That was the day that his beautiful daughter was born. My heart ached for him in that moment. It was such a bittersweet moment for him as he saw his daughter both as a newborn baby and now as a soon to be married woman. As a mother my heart breaks to think of that moment when you realize every moment that you poured into your child now turns to a whole different journey and life for both of you. It’s beautiful and scary and heartbreaking and also full of joy. Those words spoken by Daniela’s father have forever impacted me in such an unexpected way.

A day of Celebration

The rest of the day went by too quickly, it seemed. Everything fell into place perfectly. All of the plans came together. The violinist at the ceremony set the tone in such an elegant way. The florals were stunning. The ballroom was at the reception was grand and full of every perfect detail. I enjoyed sitting back and watching Daniela and Anthony greet as many of their guests as they could. They loved their people in such a great way. The dance floor was always full of smiles and the night went by so perfectly.

Opposites attract but so do similar souls…

Daniela and Anthony in some ways are opposites. She’s outgoing and bubbly and he’s more reserved. Their differences compliment each other though. They share similarities as well. They are both hardworking, kind, loving, determined, detail oriented and their dedication and support for one another is unwavering. I am so thankful Daniela called me that day many months ago and shared their love story with me and ultimately chose me to serve them on this most beautiful wedding day. I pray so many blessings fill their lives, home and family. I am so grateful to have had this opportunity to love and serve two people so special.

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I'm Brandy and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our lives, travels, weddings, engagements and more. Stay a while and say hello!

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