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2018 Behind The Scenes


January 4, 2019


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Hi there! Welcome to the Brandy Grace blog, a journal about our lives, travels, weddings and engagements Stay a while and say hello!

Hi, I'm Brandy.


Wow!! What a year 2018 was! It was full of personal ups and downs. Lot’s of waiting and trusting the Lord. Tons of fabulous weddings!! So much to be thankful for!! I have been so busy since bringing Acelyn home that I wasn’t sure if I was going to be able to get this post done but I had a few extra moments to spare so I figured I’d share some of our favorite behind the scenes of Ana and I from 2018! Enjoy!



Seeing these type of joyous reactions are always priceless moments for me!

Somehow Ana always gets stuck “testing” the location for me. (She secretly likes it… sometimes…)

Resting and Praying or Working ? (Probably a little of both lol)

You can almost always find Ana in some types of bushes lol!

I’m pretty sure these could pass as mugshots…

It’s all about the angles.

Ana making sure our groomsmen look as dapper as possible.

Future #brandygracebride

Bossing people around, as usual.

Sometimes we have to squeeze ourselves in small spaces to get the shot lol!

More test shot fun!

Is she working or playing ?? Working on her speed and agility for soccer.

I swear, I’m just helping not stealing cupcakes.

Perfecting her settings for a perfect shot in beautiful Saint Augustine, FL

Sibling Love

Oh how I love these smiles!

Making sure the dress is perfectly hung and staying close in case the wind blows!

I love the anticipation of waiting for the wedding to start!

Where’s Waldo… I mean Ana ?

Again… not stealing cake…

What I think I look like candidly…….

What I really look like.

When the handsome little man asks you to dance, you put your camera down and dance with him!

Job qualifications. Must be an expert dress fluffer.

and be willing to carry dresses… and fix tiaras.

Check out that posture and concentration.

Apparently taking photos while sitting is her specialty??


I enjoy long walks on the beach and hanging out under bridal veils.

We are also expert cell phone photo takers.

She looks guilty of something…

She’s takes her job very seriously, can you tell?

One of my favorite weddings. It was so simple and yet so full of love and joy. #destinationwedding

Take one more photo of me and see what happens.

I got caught trying to catch a #bts shot of Ana from the balcony!



You Guys!!!! I seriously love my job so much!! I am so blessed!


When you ask Ana to pose so you can test creative light before pulling the bride and groom in…. Well, if this is how you want to act, then yes, I’m sharing it for the world to see.

Ana’s probable reaction when she finds out I shared those photos.

Intently studying that chandelier, trying to figure out how I can hang her heels from it safely.

Fact: Wedding dresses attract sticks, twigs, leaves and all kinds of other fun stuff.

I believe Ana is trying out for a career in paparazzi.



Focused. Happy.


2018 Was amazing, 2019, I believe will be even greater!


Happy New Year Everyone!

Love & Hugs

Brandy & Ana

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I'm Brandy and I'm so happy you're here. This blog is a journal about our lives, travels, weddings, engagements and more. Stay a while and say hello!

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