Morgan & Jake

Wedding at the Blue Barn at Stonebridge

I’ve never seen a bride behave quite like Morgan. I honestly hope to see more like her in the future. She didn’t concern herself with old wedding superstitions. She was overjoyed to be marrying Jake and her joy flowed from her like a river. Like most brides, Morgan started to get a little antsy after finishing her hair and makeup and getting into her dress. She couldn’t wait to go to her First Look! She wanted to see her groom, she just wanted to be able to hug and laugh with the man she was about to marry!

Jake stood with his back towards the spot where Morgan would walk towards him. You could see the excitement and anticipation rising up in him, you could also see a slight amount of nervousness as he waited for her cue to turn around. Morgan called out to Jake and told him he could turn around. He turned. His face lit up like sun. His smile was literally from ear to ear. He covered his face trying to control his emotions. Tears filled his eyes. Morgan briskly walked toward him with tears running down her face and joy exploding from her. They embraced one another, they laughed and they cried together. In that moment all of the nerves and anxiousness disappeared. From afar I heard Jake tell Morgan, “I’m so glad we did this”, (referring to their first look).

From That Moment On…  

After spending a few moments alone together, and handled their couples portraits and bridal party portraits, the two of them headed back to their getting ready suites. Guests began to arrive. Morgan couldn’t contain her excitement as she saw a group of her girlfriends arrive! She ran out of her suite to hug and greet them! People were yelling for her to get back inside, so she wasn’t seen before the wedding. But that didn’t stop her. She was excited and she wanted to share her joy with her guests. Those are some of my favorite photos from the day. They are so full of joy. I love so much that Morgan didn’t let some silly traditions hinder her from embracing every moment of her wedding day!

Morgan and Jake, the two of you are perfect together. You’re one of a kind, kind of people. I adore you in so many ways. I adore your love for one another as well as for your friends and family. Your love is beautiful and one many people should take note of. I remember telling you during your engagement session how authentic I could tell your love was and that stands true now, more than ever!


Love you both!

Hugs, Brandy!!


Venue: Stonebridge Weddings & Events

Planner/Coordinator: Brittany Schrader @ Blue Skies Events & Weddings (Brittany is AMAZING!!!)

Cake: Cake Junkie

DJ: DJ by CJ

Florist: Amber Bunner

Hair: Amber Bunner

Videography: J&S Media

Catering: Olympia Catering

Bridal Gown: CC’s Bridal Boutique

Bridesmaids Gowns: Bella Bridesmaids

Tuxedos: Mens Wearhouse


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