Allyssia & Trenton’s Church of God / Lake Wales Country Club Wedding

Cowboys Don’t Cry (except for their daughters).

They say cowboys don’t cry. For the most part that is true. Until you add their little girls into the equation of life. I had the honor of attending the rehearsal for this wedding. Daddy even got a little emotional just practicing the motions of the day that was before him. Allyssia set aside time on her wedding day for a “Father / Daughter First Look”. I knew based on the night before’s emotions that this would be a very special time.  I already knew this sweet daddy would shed some tears over the sight of his baby girl. However, I was thrown for a surprise when sweet Lyssi could barely get the words out to tell her daddy to turn and look at her. Y’all!! Talk about a hot mess! Ugh! This daddy’s girl just about lost it worse than they did! As someone who didn’t have the privilege of having my daddy at my wedding I have such a great appreciation to be able to capture moments like this one!

Their Vows

Allyssia and Trenton chose to write their own vows. They were so beautifully written. So genuine and true. They brought not only tears of joy but laughter. The love these two share for one another is truly unique. Their personalities are almost opposite, yet they are just the perfect amount of everything to balance one another. It’s a beautiful love, one hand-crafted by God.

Continue the Journey, Embrace the difference

I understand, first hand a marriage where personalities are sometimes completely opposite. Embrace that. Allyssia, when you are frustrated that Trenton isn’t frustrated at something that has upset you or stressed you out, be thankful for his patience. He will keep you grounded. Trenton, when Allyssia fights hard and passionately for something in life, push her to go further. She is a strong woman and will do amazing things if she has your constant support and patience. I wish you two so much happiness!


Love, Brandy


Ceremony Site: South Lake Wales Church of God

Reception Venue: Lake Wales Country Club

Cake: Gourmet Goodies

Videography: Storybook Weddings

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Bridal Makeup: Morgan McCullers

Bridal Hair: Ashley Scarlett

DJ: Parties By Robert

Mens Suits: Nicks for Men



  1. Phyllis J EHART says:

    Beautiful pictures! Such a glorious day for them. Wishing them peace, love and happiness forever. Congratulations Lissi and Trent!

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