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Town Manor on the Lake

It’s the most anticipated moment of a wedding day. Friends and family stood, turned, facing the back of the ceremony site. The groom at the front, officiant on his right side, groomsmen on the left. But this day was a little different. Daniela stood at the end of the aisle with her father by her side, except due to a stroke, he was sitting in a wheelchair instead of standing by her side. But then, he surprised many guests and family as he stood, cane in one hand, his beautiful daughter in the other. One.step.at.a.time…. This father walked his beautiful daughter down the aisle to marry the love of her life. The tears flowed, and his friends and family literally cheered him on with praises and encouragement. To say it was beautiful is such an understatement. It’s a moment, I, along with many others who witnessed will never forget. I seriously almost lost it, as a Daddy’s girl who lost her Daddy to cancer before getting the chance to walk me down the aisle. I know just how important and treasured this moment was.


I asked Daniela for permission before sharing this. I wanted, not only to share this moment but to also emphasize on just how hard her sweet Daddy worked for this moment. She shared the following with me…

“On February 13th, 2016 my dad suffered a massive stroke. They never found the cause. He was in an induced coma for aprox. one week, and recovery for three months. They didn’t know if he would gain mobility or speech back ever again, we never had a clear answer on his prognosis. He went through a series of therapy, a move to Florida, and then a decline, and then more therapy. When my father heard the news that I was getting married, he started working even harder to be able to walk me down the aisle.” -Daniela Brennan.


Not only did this amazing man walk his daughter down the aisle. He also danced her first dance with her, stood for family photos and even wrote a very touching speech to her and Daniel. He is strong and so admirable. Qualities I also see in Daniela.



I know this blog may be a little lengthier than normal but bear with me. I also have to share and give praise to Daniel’s Father. He was such a kind man, an all out gentlemen with the most intriguing charisma. I watched him serve others, constantly throughtout the day. When Daniela’s father was working to stand as he prepared to walk her down the aisle, Daniel’s Father was there helping. When Daniela was ready to get into the getaway car, Daniel’s father was there to escort her to her door and get her seatbelt secured around her. Daniela’s mom was so full of life, love and joy. And Daniels mom was also just a kind and loving presence.

I realize that the topic of this wedding blog has been more focused on the bride and grooms family then of the couple themselves. But you see, what I’ve learned is that Daniel and Daniela are unique reflections of their parents. They are fun-loving, kind and so full of determination for life. It was such an honor to witness such a beautiful day in the life of them.

Daniela, Daniel, may you always reflect on your wedding day as it was the perfect example of how your marriage should be. Full of persistence in the hard times, dedication to one another in whatever you pursue in life and always surrounded by your beautiful family.

Venue: Town Manor Weddings

Bridal Gown: David’s Bridal

Tuxedo: Mens Wearhouse

Videography: Solar Wave Media


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