Historic Lake Wales Art Center Wedding

It was like watching a little girl’s dream come true. Kelly was the most joyous bride. I can’t even count the number of times I watched her twirl her wedding gown. She’d just walk across the empty dance floor and twirl in her beautiful wedding gown. She kept her veil on the entire night. Girls dream of their wedding days as little girls. Kelly embraced every moment of being a bride and it brought the biggest smile to my face to see her so full of joy on her most special day.

She’d spin around just so her wedding gown could twirl around, It’s as if she’d been practicing this moment since she was a little girl….

Obviously, it’s not all about the pretty dress and veil or decorations. It was most evident what brought her the most joy and that was her new husband, Michael. I’m pretty sure he’s not one who just loves the dance floor, but anytime Kelly would reach her arms out to him for him to join her, he was there. They smiled, they laughed and they celebrated becoming husband and wife.

Great Examples of Love

Ana and I couldn’t help but watch Kelly’s parent’s throughout the night. They sat close to one another. They danced with one another. And you could just see the love and respect they held for each other. It was beautiful to witness. It also helped me understand why Kelly would be so excited. She was entering into a marriage that has just as much potential for love and joy as she sees in her parents. It was truly a special night. One that was genuine and heartfelt.

Kelly and Michael, I hope you always dance together the way you did on your wedding night. Find the things that make you smile and hold tight to them. Thank you both for the kindness you and your friend and family showed us on your wedding day. I wish you guys a lifetime and happiness and am so excited for your futures together!

Hugs, Brandy

Venue: Lake Wales Art Center

Bridal Boutique: David’s Bridal

(bride and bridesmaids dresses)

Cake: Rachel Tilson

DJ: Enchanting Entertainment / DJ Gibson

Rentals: Any Event Linen & Chair Rental

Flowers: The Flower Cupboard

Bridal Hair: Park Avenue Hair Salon

Catering: Lakelan BBQ


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