The Journey

Love is a journey. Love takes time. Love takes work. Some days are picture perfect. Some days are messy. One thing is for sure. True love, the deep down kind that lasts forever, that kind of love must be relentless.

Austin and Cammie have proven that their love for one another is relentless. Their story hasn’t always been perfect but they’ve already learned that their love is strong enough to fight for one another. Cammie and Austin bring out the best in one another. They respect each other. When one of them walks in the room, the other lights up like the sun!

Pride & Joy

I usually don’t attend rehearsals. For this particular wedding I was uncertain of lighting and location since it was a private residence. So, I decided to come to check things out during their rehearsal. We were there just practicing while the two of them went through the “motions” of their upcoming ceremony.

No longer going through the motions.. 

As they stood there listening to the words of the pastor it was as if they were experiencing the real wedding. In fact, it was almost better. They were surrounded by only their closest family members and best friends. The pastor read the words that he would again be reading to them the next day. The didn’t just go through the motions in that moment. They meditated on the words of their wedding sermon. Their mothers had tears streaming down their cheeks, Cammie stood with the most heartfelt joy on her face, and behind his sunglasses, Austin’s eyes were filled with tears. In this moment the world around this family stopped and all of the goodness of their love overflowed. It was beautiful and raw and honest. It was such an honor to be there to witness such special moment in their lives.

Cammie and Austin, you bring so much joy to everyone around you. Including us. The two of you are so kind and sweet. Your love for others is honest. You are just both so special to so many people in so many ways. Thank you both for choosing and trusting me to serve you on your most special day. It was an honor and I consider you both dear sweet friends. I wish you so many days of laughter, joy and smiles!!

BIG HUGS, Brandy!



Bridal Hair: Brittany Queen

Bridal Makeup: Cammie Carter

Bridal Boutique: David’s Bridal

DJ: Belanger Media

Grooms & Groomsmen attire: Mens Wearhouse




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