The Calm.

The atmosphere was calm. Janessa was cool and collected. She sat in the bridal room getting ready with such an elegance and quietness. She was savoring her wedding day in such a lovely way. Janessa and Lucas decided not to have a bridal party and this decision seemed to fit them so well. There was such a peace to her in her solitude.

Waiting for the Ice to Crack…

I honestly was waiting for the moment when she started to show her nerves a little or for that one person to make her cry. She stayed strong and well collected. One of her family members came in to see her and she did get a little teary eyed over that but she quickly reestablished her composure.

Lucas arrived shortly prior to the ceremony beginning.

You could tell that Lucas was a little more anxious and excited. He seemed distracted. He was kindly introducing friends and family. Celebrating those who came to share this day with him. But I could tell, on the inside, the nerves were there. He just couldn’t hide his excitement to see his Bride!

The crowd stood and turned, his eye lit up like the sun…

She finally couldn’t contain it anymore. The second she came around that corner and into her aisle, I’m quite sure her heart began to beat a little faster. Janessa smiled to biggest smile and she just couldn’t hold back the tears anymore as this moment she’d waited for her whole life was finally here. The two of them were in such a sweet unity as they locked eyes. It was so evident that their hearts were filled with joy.


Janessa, Lucas thank you for showing everyone around you what genuine love is. I’ve already told Lucas what a lucky man he is to have a bride as stunning and sweet as Jannessa. Now, Janessa, I have to say that I think you’re pretty lucky too. It’s clear how the two of you have become such wonderful people. Your families are beautiful. So full of kindness, joy and love. It was such an honor to be chosen to share and capture this day for you. It was beautiful and I truly believe it’s just the beginning of many years of beautiful moments between the two of you.


Hugs and Best Wishes, Brandy


Venue: The Garden Ballroom

Bridal Gown: Robyn Lynne Bridal

Tux: Mens Wearhouse

Cake: Cake

Catering: Santiago’s Market

Flowers: Lasater Flowers

DJ: DJ Adley

Hair: Emily @ Esquire Salon and Spa

Bride’s Ring: Kay Jewelers

Groom’s Ring: King Will

Officiant: Sandy @ Marry You I do





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