A groom in uniform and a bride that looks like my favorite Disney princess, Belle!!! UMM Yes, Please!! Oh and she had me at sparkling blush, Kate Spade Keds! Yall! I’m all heart eyes for this sweet, chabby-chic wedding!

Sam stood with his back turned from the path where his bride to be would soon walk down to him. You could see the mixed emotions all over his face. He was excited. He was anxious. A little nervous. Most of all he was filled with the sweetest joy. McKenzie slowly walked down the path to her handsome prince. She gently tapped his shoulder. He turned around already smiling. Once he actually laid eyes on her, it was the sweetest most exhilarating reaction! There is something so special and romantic about a grooms “first look”. Sam’s eyes lit up like the fourth of July when he saw his glowing bride!! You couldn’t wipe the huge smile off his face for anything in the world. McKenzie is soft spoken and quiet when you first meet her, but Sam brings such an exciting joy out of her. The way McKenzie smiles and laughs when she is with him is truly something exceptional. These two were most certainly made for one another, they bring out the best in the other.

The details of this wedding had my little radar spinning! The excitement building in me, was ready to burst out like a cork from a bottle of champagne! McKenzie and her mother, Stephanie, worked so hard to bring to life the sweetest DYI wedding. Every delicate centerpiece, was different. The vintage plates and cups added a beautiful delicacy. White table cloths, perfectly draped chiffon fabric hung from the ceiling. There were antique chandeliers, white couches and chairs, pearls, lace and so much more. The ceremony chairs were perfectly mix-matched wooden chairs and benches. Every single detail of this wedding was personalized and so well thought out and executed. Each of the table numbers represented the years of Sam & McKenzie’s childhood, for example table one a photo of each of them at the age of one, table eight had photos of them at eight and so on. Hung between two trees were wedding photos of parents, grandparents and other family members.  I seriously could go on and on about how much I loved the details of this wedding!!! But if I had to sum it up with three words, Sentimental, Romantic and Sweet!

Sam and McKenzie I know you guys are really going to miss awkwardly giggling at the ground, trees and even each other as much as I will miss serving you! And, Sam, I know you’ll never look at her “Hot Temple” the same again. But seriously, I just adore the both of you. I love the love you share. It’s truly special. There is absolutely no denying the unique bond that the two of you share. It was such an honor to capture these memories for you. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart for choosing and trusting me to serve you. I wish you guys many more awkward giggles, temple sniffing, laughs and a whole lot of love!!

Hugs, Brandy



Makeup: Monica Gracia

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