The bride and groom were in place for their first dance. The music was playing but the words could barely be heard. Instantly the bridal party, standing at on the stage, started to sing the words to the song. This sweet moment of true friendship and dedication to the bride and groom was one of the sweetest things! This sweet bridal party wasn’t about to let Taylor and Morgan’s first dance as husband and wife be disrupted! They sang their hearts out while the bride and groom continued their first dance together. I’m pretty sure that’s a moment from Taylor and Morgan’s wedding that they will never forget!

Taylor and Morgan are kind, humble people. They are perfect for one another. The unique relationship they have is special and one of a kind. Their love story started at a high school football game, ya know one of those high school sweet heart stories that beat the odds. They are both the kind of people that anyone can easily befriend, as they are so easy going and laid back. Just two wonderful people who were made just for the other.

Morgan and Taylor, Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day. I wish you all the happiness that your hearts can handle. I know your future holds so much joy, success and love.

Hugs, Brandy

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